Steventon and Overton Children’s Houses are accredited Montessori nursery schools for children aged between two and six years

Both settings are situated in the centre of the rural North Hampshire villages of Steventon and Overton. Carefully designed environments are laid out within the community halls, encouraging independence and freedom of movement and choice. Every child is treated as an individual with their own unique potential which with the help of the parents we help to fulfil.

There is a happy, calm, friendly atmosphere within the Children’s Houses where the children learn life skills and prepare themselves for their future. They discover the joy of learning through hands-on experiences and exploration within a secure environment. Watering the plants, washing up, splashing in puddles, buttoning, counting beads, making up words and painting a wall can all be part of a morning for a child.
We make the most of our idyllic rural locations through daily access to a large garden ideal for parachute games, nature trials, sport, aeroplane impersonations and having fun. Visitors from the community; from musicians to policemen, and artists to dentists as well as regular outings to local farms all help the children find out about their world.

Our mission

The Children’s House (Hampshire) Ltd. provide child centred environments where independence is encouraged, individuality celebrated and children are given freedom within boundaries to follow their interests. Children are prepared for tomorrow’s world through learning life skills, developing creative thinking and a love of learning as well as being encouraged to love themselves and the world around them.

"Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur" (Montessori, The Absorbent Mind)